A family of personal computers originally produced by Commodore Business Machines. Amigas are powerful personal computers that have extra microprocessors to handle graphics and sound generation. The Amiga operating system has had preemptive multitasking since it's inception in 1985, 10 years before this feature found its way into Microsoft Windows.


Like older Apple Macintosh computers, the Amiga line of computers is built around the Motorola 680x0 line of microprocessors. Although the Amiga operating system is not compatible with other PC operating systems, such as DOS and Windows, there are emulation programs that enable an Amiga to run PC, Macintosh, and even UNIX programs.


Faced with financial hardships, commodore sold the Amiga to a German company called Escom AG. Escom, in turn, also went bankrupt, and is in the process of selling the Amiga design. Bidders include several companies, including QuikPak, Eagle Computers, and a Chicago-based company called VIScorp. It remains to be seen whether any of these firms can revitalize the Amiga.