Tips 10


Today is the 9th August 1999 and I would suggest the better computer to buy.


For home users

      At least Pentium166 Mhz, recommended a Pentium3 550Mhz processor

      At least 32mb ram, recommended 128 mb

      At least 2.1gb hdd, recommended 4.3gb hdd

      At least 32x cdrom, recommended 50x cdrom

      At least a 14" monitor, recommended 15" or a 17" SVGA flat screen low radiation monitor

      At least a 56kbps external modem

      A power regulator for power supply

      At least 2mb PCI display card, recommended a 32mb TNT2 AGP or a 3dFx Voodoo3 AGP

      An internal 100mb Zip drive or a cd writer with 12x read and 4x write

      A 1.44 floppy, 103 keys keyboard, mouse with pad and a screen filter

      At least a 16bit ISA sound card, recommended a PCI 128bit Sound Blaster compatible sound card