Tips 102

FTP Errors and solutions

Question 1: Why do I get error "blocking call cancelled" with FTP?

Answer 1: This can happen when you are behind a firewall or are running a personal firewall like Black Ice Defender or ZoneAlarm or some other network managemnt product.

To fix this, go into your FTP program settings and find the setting for "Passive Mode" or "PASV Mode". If it is turned on, turn it off. If it is off, turn it on.


Question 2: Suddenly FTP times out, disconnects or does not give me access to all my directories.

Answer 2: Check your personal firewall/security settings (programs like Black ICE Defender, Zone Alarm, Norton Anti-Virus) to make sure that they are configured to allow your FTP access. Try turning these programs completely off and retry FTP.

Do not leave the session without activity, some FTP server sets a network timeout so that the network bandwidth on the server side is not used up.