Tips 65

Scheduled shutdown

Suppose you want your computer to run a job but you canít stick around until itís done in order to turn it off afterwards. You can use this trick to have it shut down, say, an hour or two later.

In Windows 98 or Millennium Edition, click on the Start button, Programs, Accessories, System Tools and Scheduled Tasks. Double-click on Add Scheduled Task and then click on Next. Browse in the Windows directory until you find the file RUNDLL.EXE and select it.

In the next window, pick "One time only" and click on Next. Choose the time you want to shut down and click Next and then Finish.

But this wonít work yet.

Double-click on the task youíve created and, in the window that appears, change RUNDLL.EXE to c:\Windows\RUNDLL.EXE user.exe,exitWindows (thereís only one space in the command Ė before user Ė and those are backslashes around the first Windows). Click on OK and now your computer is ready to shut down on schedule.

Some users may find that this trick works better if they use RUNDLL32.EXE in the command instead of RUNDLL.EXE or if they type \system\user,exitWindows instead of user.exe,exitWindows.