Screening out inappropriate material with Content Advisor

To help you protect your children from inappropriate material on the Internet, the Content Advisor feature in Internet Explorer in Windows 98 lets you control the kind or degree of language, nudity, sex, and violence that is viewable. The Content Advisor follows the guidelines of the Recreational Software Advisory Council's (RSACi) rating system. Only Web sites that are rated by RSACi are subject to your Content Advisor settings. You also establish a password to turn Content Advisor on or off.

To set up Content Advisor:

1.       On the View menu, click Internet Options.

2.       Click the Content tab.

3.       In the Content Advisor area, click Enable.

4.       Create a password, then confirm it.

5.       In the Ratings dialog box, decide what level of language, nudity, sex, and violence is appropriate for your family by clicking the keys next to each area and moving the slider to the setting you want.