Recording event sounds from a CD

Want to create a new soundtrack for your computer? With Windows CD Player and Sound Recorder, you can turn a piece of your favorite song into your start-up sound, or any other Windows event sound.

1.       Put a music CD into the CD-ROM drive.  Windows CD Player will open and automatically begin to play the first track on the disc.  Click the Stop button.

2.       On the CD Player, use the track skip and fast forward buttons to locate the clip you want to record. Set the player to the beginning of the clip, then click the Pause button.

3.       Click the Start button, point to Programs, point to Accessories, point to Entertainment, and then click Sound Recorder.

4.        On the CD Player, click the Play button.

5.       On the Sound Recorder, click the Record button.

6.       When you have recorded as much as you want, click the Stop button on the Sound Recorder.

7.       On File menu, click Save As....

8.       Save the file in the Media folder, located in the Windows folder on the C: drive.