What are the items that you need in order to build a multimedia personal computer (IBM compatible)?


1)       A casing with power supply unit (type AT or ATX) that includes power cable. Price is about Rm65 to Rm200.

2)       A motherboard (type Socket 7 or Slot 1) that includes communication ports, IDE cable, user manual and drivers. Price is between Rm190 to Rm450.

3)       Ram chips (type 72pins or 128pins). Price is about Rm160 for 32Megabytes at the moment.

4)       A processor unit (type INTEL, AMD, IDT, CYRIX). Price between Rm120 to Rm2300 depends on speed

5)       A hard disk unit (type IBM, HP, QUANTUMM, SEAGATE, FUJITSU, MAXTOR). Price between Rm380 to Rm550 depends on capacity and head quality i.e: MR50%, MR30% or GMR technology.

6)       A CDROM unit for reading compact disc that includes a audio cable. Price ranging from Rm150 to Rm230 depends on device speed i.e: 40x, 50x.

7)       A floppy diskette drive (type 3.5 inches). Price is about Rm50.

8)       A soundcard (type ISA or PCI). Price is about Rm50 to Rm200.

9)       A VGA card (type ISA, PCI or AGP). Price from Rm50 to Rm800.

10)   A color monitor display unit (type 14, 15, 17, 19 or 21 inch in size). Price is between Rm400 to Rm3000 depends on size and the technology that comes built within the monitors.

11)   A microphone. Price is about Rm15.

12)   A pair of stereo speakers. Price is around Rm25 to Rm400.

13) A keyboard. Price from Rm25.

14 A mouse (type serial or PS2). Price from Rm15.



Basically you need these items to start off. Drop me a line if you need technical information. Extension 220.