Tips 39


What causes RSI?


The specific causes of RSI have not been established. Nevertheless, the incidence of RSI has been associated with a variety of risk factors, including:


In addition, there have been reports associating the occurrence of RSI with the use of computer keyboards, mice and other input devices. Also, certain medical conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, obesity and diabetes, may predispose some people to this type of injury.



What can I do to avoid RSI?


Some people who use computers may experience physical discomfort during their use. This discomfort may be a symptom of RSI. Properly setting up and using computing equipment can help to minimize your chances of experiencing this discomfort. Well-designed and properly adjusted equipment alone may not be sufficient to eliminate all potential problems. Maintaining good posture and positioning when working on computers also had a significant bearing on your comfort.



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