Tips 48


Tips for Easier Mouse Use


Using a mouse can be a little awkward at first. Here are some ways to make it more comfortable:


Turn your mouse over. If it has what looks like a rubber marble in it, your mouse should have a mouse pad. A mouse pad provides a surface that is specially designed for rolling your mouse on. Some mouse pads also have helpful features like wrist rests and storage trays.


Keep your mouse close to the edge of your desk so you donít have to stretch your arm to use it.


Rest your index finger on the left mouse button and your middle finger on the right mouse button, even when you are not using the buttons, and wrap your thumb and little finger around the sides of the mouse. Donít hold your fingers above the buttons; theyíll just get tired and youíll have less control of the mouse.


If youíre left-handed, put the mouse on the left side of your keyboard. You can adjust your mouse to run faster or slower. You can also switch the way the buttons work if youíre left-handed.