Tips 110


Recycle with care !


Recycling the use of A4 paper is good for the environment and tends to cut down the operating cost of your office supplies. But however here are some hints to make A4 paper recycling safer for your laser printer.



Hint 1) Before you insert your recycle A4 paper into the printer's tray, remove all staple or adhesive material like stickers. This is to prevent the printer cartridge or other parts from damage.


Hint 2) Do not use any (beside recommended) paper that is too thick for your printer. Paper that is too thick can jam the paper loader. Recycled paper (stapled and un-stapled) tends to stick together therefore it is advisable to separate them before the loading process.


Hint 3) Do not try pull out any jam paper while the printer is in "ON" mode. Because the pulling process might reverse some gearing system and may damage or misalign the teeth of the gears.