Tips 111

Top 5 Tips to save your computer files from an Earthquake

Tips 1) Use a notebook instead of a desktop. Portable computers can be carried to a safe place in the shortest time.

Tips 2) Get a mobile hard disk unit. A mobile hard disk unit is a casing device for your hard disk and is detachable from your computer in a single pull, no screws are needed.

Tips 3) Periodically backup your important files to Pen-Drives, CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. Batch files or scripts automatically do this for you and using the default windows scheduling, the scripts can be executed in your preferred time. In case of an emergency, just RUN with the CD-ROM / DVD-ROM !

Tips 4) By using the Internet space or network storage to place your files as a virtual storage, therefore minimizes the risk of loosing the primary files. Who knows that the location you have backup your files is not affected by the TREMOR !

Tips 5) If all the above is not preferred: Hmmmm......then I recommend buying a high shock resistance hard disk unit (cost around RM400 for 120 Gigabytes : very cheap). These hard disk units usually can sustain shocks up to a maximum of 60G's. Available brands are Maxtor, IBM and etc. See below table for further reading.