Tips 113

Better file saving methodology

I have encountered a scenario whereby many computer files with different contents and served for dissimilar purpose were being saved and named with the same filename but stored in different locations. (This is a problem!). Ok, let me explain in detail the situation and clarify the danger it is exposed to.


1)      Encik YahPin works in the clerical department of a local college. His work involves the daily recording of students’ details and update of information. His students are mainly from two groups, the Diploma and Degree students

2)      Encik YahPin has a habit into saving the work contents into the same filename, for example he save the Diploma students’ file with the name students.doc and store it into the folder c:\MyDocuments\Diploma\students.doc

3)      He also save the Degree students’ file with the name students.doc and store it into the folder c:\MyDocuments\Degree\students.doc


Hmmm…sounds like all is O.K…but wait, what if one day the file is over written with one another with just an accidental mouse click. What if the wrong file is given to a third party without realizing the actual contents of the file by trusting the filename?


1)      For Encik YahPin’s case, the best practice is to save his files into meaningful names like Diploma Students.doc and Degree Students.doc or even better to add dates annotations to the filename like in Diploma Students As At 07July2005.doc and Degree Students As At 07July2005.doc

2)      The computer will not overwrite the files no matter what the user does, simply by copying files into the same folder in his computer or sending the file to someone else.


The computer is a just an honest and straightforward piece of machinery whereby it trusted the user into doing anything to it. From an article posted in some blogs, it is visualized that the computer user is known as the “King” and the PC is just a “Slave”, well just minus off the whips and chains...! (sounds like Kunta Kinte in The “ROOTS”).

Hope the above will be productive in helping your daily file savings practice.