Tips 115

From what I have observed for the past months of encounter with notebook users, I have noticed that their notebook is "ALWAYS" powered using the wall AC socket. This is a common practice by individuals whom believed that with doing so their machine will be constantly available and powered.




Here is the catch! A few notebook cases reported that their internal notebook battery is totally flat out and cannot be recharge. Hence the user completely relies on the availability of a power socket and has to spend few hundred "RM" for a battery unit.

Why is so? I have discovered the same goes to my hand phone Lithium Ion battery. So I smell something fishy. What I have found was that if a battery is always fully charged and is not discharged over a period of time will have its lifespan shorten.

Imagine the battery unit as a small box of apples; consumers constantly refill the box if 10 to 20 percent of apples were eaten or taken. By this way the apples located at bottom part of the box remain fresh for the few days and turned rotten and no longer edible thereafter.

From the description above, a battery is more delicate and it doesn’t emit smell if some part of it degrades within. So the user will never notice until the moment the MICROSOFT POWERPOINT presentation must rely on a “POWER POINT” from TENAGA NASIONAL. Notebook users is advise to balance the usage of AC adapter and internal battery unit in the ratio of 50 / 50), so that the internal battery unit will last longer.