Tips 81

What can you do when someone sends you a document in ALL CAPS? Don't fret, my colleagues.

Copy the text into Microsoft Word and highlight the 'offending' section and press SHIFT+F3 as many times as it takes to complete the case transition. With this routine, you can cycle through: lowercase, UPPERCASE, Sentence case, Title Case, and tOGGLE cASE.

Now, what about the font size? Could it be bigger or smaller? No problem, just highlight a section and press CTRL+] (to make it larger) or CTRL+[ (to make it smaller). These last two shortcuts will also work with Outlook / Outlook Express HTML text (in a limited fashion). With a short few strokes, your eyes will be happier.

The pictures below describe what I can start the WORD program to practice this and remember to use your mouse to do the highlighting. :>