Tips 85

Changing DOS Window Titles

We use DOS commands a lot in our daily job, you may regularly have more than one DOS window open at once. Maybe you'll have one a window for FTP, one for debugging a batch file, one for doing basic tasks such as displaying directories, etc. If so, it can get very confusing navigating between the different DOS windows since each of their titles just say "Command Prompt". If you'd like, you can change the titles of a DOS window so you can easily see what tasks you are performing in each window.

To change the title of a Windows 2000 command prompt window, just enter in the TITLE command, followed by your desired window title. For example, to name a DOS window "Debugging Window", just enter the following command at a DOS prompt:

Examples: In the DOS box type: -

TITLE Debugging Window


TITLE Scandisk


TITLE Ftp Session