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Dilbert loves technology for the sake of technology. In fact, Dilbert loves technology more than people. He's got the social skills of a mousepad and he'd rather surf the Internet than Waikiki (which, considering the physique he developed after years of sitting in front of a PC screen, is a blessing). To Dilbert, dressing for success means wearing a tie that turns up at the end, a white short-sleeved shirt and extra-white socks that gleam in the sunlight from the ankles up (at least his pant legs never get frayed). In spite of all this he's a likable guy who keeps trying.







He's every employee's worst nightmare. He wasn't born mean and unscrupulous, he worked hard at it. And succeeded. As for stupidity, well, some things are inborn. His top priorities are the bottom line and looking good in front of his subordinates and superiors (not necessarily in that order). Of absolutely no concern to him is the professional or personal well-being of his employees. He's the kind of boss who would not be averse to doing lobotomies on his staff were it not for the exorbitant expense. 

The Boss is technologically challenged but he stays current on all the latest business trends, even though he rarely understands them.


.Genetically he may be a dog, but Dogbert is no man's best friend. He treats people with disdain, reserving special contempt for Dilbert, who's no master--or match--for Dogbert. (Although he wouldn't admit it, if push came to shove, he'd protect the bumbler. And never let him forget it).

His not-so-secret ambition is to conquer the world and enslave all humans. He annointed himself St. Dogbert, and as such takes special delight in exorcising the demons of stupidity. Dogbert is sure humans were placed on this earth to amuse him and that life is a big game, which he will win.
But dig deep enough beneath the fur and you'll find...a cynical, arrogant, conniving little mutt with his paw on the pulse of the absurdity of corporate culture.



Catbert first appeared in 1994 when he tried to eat Ratbert. Dogbert and Bob the Dinosaur intervened to save Ratbert. Catbert didn't have a name at first but the people who wrote to me about him universally referred to him as Catbert. It was inevitable. Catbert is a typical cat, in the sense that he looks cute but he doesn't care if you live or die. Recently he became the Human Resources Director at Dilbert's company where he teases employees before downsizing them. You'll see more of him as I shamelessly capitalize on the fact that many people like cats.


.It's not easy being a member of the detested, loathed rodent family, but Ratbert handles it better than most. Ratbert, unfortunately, is a simpleminded optimist. He wants nothing more than to be loved, but he's doomed to ratdom which, despite his cheerfulness, makes him an unlikely candidate for affection. His resiliency enables him to continually be the butt of everyone's jokes.



.Dilbert's colleague and fellow engineer feels put-upon and he wants the world to know it. Resentment gave way to bitterness years ago and Wally is forever scheming to get revenge on his boss, his boss's boss and whoever else is standing close by.

Wally can't find the command "get a life" in any of his user manuals, so he doesn't know what it means. Add to these charms the fact that he's unsympathetic, selfish and sarcastic and you begin to understand why Wally has no life outside of work.






Alice is the only female engineer in Dilbert's department. She's habitually overworked. Her cardiovascular system is basically coffee. She has a quick temper when confronted with the idiocy of her co-workers. She does not handle criticism well.



. One day Dilbert determined that it was impossible for all dinosaurs to be extinct. Lo and behold, Bob the Dinosaur appeared from behind the couch.

Bob is dumb, cheerful and follows Dogbert's commands without question. Dinosaurs may no longer rule the earth but Bob is the king of the wedgies.





The Elbonians hail from Elbonia, a small mud-covered fourth-world country that both Dilbert and Dogbert have visited for various reasons. I use it whenever I need a country that is "foreign" to all Dilbert readers.

In a series of early strips, Dogbert conquered Elbonia and became its ruler for a while.




She's the technical writer in Dilbert's engineering department. Tina believes any conversation within hearing distance is intended as an insult to her profession and her gender. She strives to maintain her dignity while surrounded by engineers who don't have a proper respect for her work. Initially introduced as the "brittle Tech Writer," just to taunt the subset of Dilbert readers who get all lathered up about imagined insults in the strip, Tina became so popular that she's a semi-regular now.




Liz was Dilbert's girlfriend, introduced in the summer of 1994. They met on an adult co-ed soccer team. Liz would commonly use the back of Dilbert's head to bank shots into the goal. She's an engineer for a different company, working with composite materials.

In August of 1994, Dilbert's tie was drawn flat for one day. You figure it out. Liz broke up with Dilbert in November of 1996.



Phil, The Prince of Insufficient Light, was introduced in 1989 as the ruler of Heck (for sinners whose transgressions aren't serious enough for Hell). He pops up about once a year to impose mild sanctions for mild sins. For example, once he punished Dilbert by making him eat lunch with the accountants.




Asok, pronounced ah-shook, was introduced to satisfy the hordes of interns who wrote to request their own character. Asok is brilliant, but as an intern he is immensely naive about the cruelties and politics of the business world. He hasn't had his ego and optimism crushed yet, but it's only a matter of time.

His name is a common one in India (but usually spelled Ashok). It's not an acronym for "A *hit On Kid" as several readers suggested.





The World's Smartest Garbage Man, Dilbert's "sanitation engineer," is a mysterious character who has inexplicable knowledge of all subjects from science to philosophy. He shows up occasionally to solve impossibly complex problems for Dilbert or Dogbert.

His role has diminished somewhat in recent years but he'll be back.



Dilmom, Dilbert's mother, appeared in 1995. She gives us an idea where Dilbert got his skill with technology. On the outside she's a cookie-baking, fifties sort of woman. But she reveals in small glimpses an incredible depth of technical skill and understanding. Dilbert's father has never been seen in the strip, only referred to. He's been at the all-you-can-eat restaurant in the local mall for years. He won't leave until it's "all he can eat."